Awesome All-Electric Airplane Cheaper than Tesla Model S (P100D)

Here is the first Fully Electric-Powered Airplane that is in mass production now and available to buy. It has a price tag lower than Tesla Model S (P100D) and 10x cheaper to run than its gasoline equivalent.

Alpha Electro Specs:

60kw max power output / 80hp (2100 – 2400 rpm)
21 kw/h battery pack provides a flying range of 1 hour plus 30 minutes reserves.
It receives full charge in 45 minutes (for $3) and can be replaced in just 5 minutes.
The battery management system makes the flying experience more secure by monitoring the cells and providing all the necessary information on the dashboard.
Max climb rate-1220 fpm (feet per minute)
Max take off weight-550 kg (empty weight-350 kg, max payload-200 kg)
Take off run-150 m
max. speed with flaps down-70kts or 80mph (129km/h)
maneouvring speed-86kts or 99mph (159km/h)
never exceed speed-135kts or 250km/h


Pipistrel Canada

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