Electrek Podcast: Tesla’s Q1 2018 results, Autopilot settlement, Nikola’s Tesla Semi lawsuit, more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including a dive into Tesla’s Q1 2018 results, a look at Tesla’s proposed settlement of an Autopilot class action lawsuit, Nikola Motors suing over the design of its electric truck, and more.

Hit the show page https://wp.me/p3P83g-h9q for links to the following Articles:

Tesla (TSLA) releases Q1 results: record revenue of $3.4 billion – still wide losses
Tesla gives update on Model 3 production: battery module now OK, focus on automation update
Tesla claims Model 3 is about to become the best-selling mid-size premium sedan in the US – electric or not
Tesla Semi production version will have closer to 600 miles of range, says Elon Musk
Tesla’s upcoming Model Y will be ‘a manufacturing revolution’ in 2020, says Elon Musk
Tesla releases rare details about Model 3’s battery cells, claims highest energy density and less cobalt
Tesla throws cold water on Porsche’s faster charging, says Supercharger to max out at ~250 KW
Tesla shakes off a bunch of TSLA investors in 6% drop as Elon Musk drives wedge with Wall Street
Elon Musk tries to justify cutting off analysts on Tesla’s earnings call in series of tweets
Elon Musk warns people betting against Tesla of a ‘next level short burn of the century’
Tesla agrees to partially reimburse people who bought Autopilot 2.0 in $5 million settlement of class action lawsuit
Tesla is hit by $2 billion patent troll case from Nikola Motors over the design of the Tesla Semi

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