Model 3 Worldwide Launch, Jaguar iPac SVR, Hyundai Battery Search- TEN Episode 211

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

01:12 Resolution and Recommendation  – Tesla pushes Model 3 fix for stopping distance issues, prompting Consumer Reports to recommend Model 3 –
01:55 Longer Wait  – Tesla pushes back Model 3 international expansion to next year –
02:40 Shaving Drag  – Audi showcases how it managed to achieve a 0.28 drag coefficient for its upcoming e-Tron Quattro, promises video cameras instead of mirrors where allowed –
03:37 SVR – Jaguar says its developing a performance version of the i-Pace, and suggests it could beat the new Tesla Roadster.
04:37 Minimizing Conflict  – Tesla releases its annual Conflict Minerals Report, shows how it it trying to responsibly source the raw materials it needs for its battery packs. –
05:32 eSprinterSpecs – Mercedes Benz releases specifications of the 2019 eSprinter
06:22   New Batteries?  – Reader Tip-off Suggests GM Could Be working on new batteries for the Bolt Ev — GM declines to comment.
07:15 Extended  – UK extends its current plug-in car and van grant until October 2018
08:07 Going Public – Chinese firm NIO files for a U.S.-based  IPO –
08:50 Insure me  – Tesla continues to expand its insurance packages for customers as Model S becomes one of the most expensive cars to insure in the U.S.
09:45 Triple Expansion  – EVs are set to triple in numbers in just two years, says new report released this week by the International Energy Agency – (there are currently more than three million on the roads now)
10:27 Make Your Own  – Hyundai rumored to be building its own battery production lines amidst terrible battery shortages –
11:17 Urgent Delivery  – Tesla flies in battery prodcution line equipment from Germany to help push Tesla production up
11:50 Topless ? – Nissan celebrates selling its one hundred thousandth LEAF in Japan by revealing a topless Nissan LEAF

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