Mythbusting Trump Administration Claims Over Fuel Economy and Safety

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Last week in the U.S., the current administration, along with the U.S. EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, published a revised proposal for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for 2021-2025 as set by the Obama Administration. 

The proposals not only included rolling back the proposed limits to from 56 miles per U.S. gallon to 37 miles per U.S. gallon, but also includes proposed stripping of California’s Zero Emissions mandate and fuel economy standard mandates. 

To justify these changes, the U.S. Administration made some very wild claims. Here they are, along with what we’d consider facts to disprove them. 

Are larger cars safer than smaller cars? Not Necessarily:

The “Make Cars Great Again” editorial:

Lancet-published study into air pollution: — and MIT study from 2013: 

National Review opinion piece making many of the EPA’s arguments long before the proposals were released:

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