Tesla Q2 Earnings, Trump Rollback, Cadmium Threat, : TEN Episode 218

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

(00:37) Tesla Q2 Earnings  – Largest output yet, still large losses, but hope around the corner, plus other snippets from the earnings call. http://ir.tesla.com/static-files/7235e525-db16-470c-8dce-9ecac0ad7712  (analysis here: https://youtu.be/WiSpdOH2uyo)
(01:35) New Buyer – Nissan appears to have a new purchaser for its battery production business. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nissan-battery/nissan-agrees-to-sell-car-battery-unit-to-chinas-envision-group-idUSKBN1KO15A
(02:37) New Interior?  – Tesla Model S, Model X reportedly due to get Model 3-like refresh next year

(03:28) Second Portal  – Toyota unveils second Portal FCV prototype truck -https://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/toyota+doubles+down+zero+emissions+heavy+duty+trucks.htm
(04:08) Fleet Goodbye  – Bolloré plans to scrap half its Autolib Fleet – https://www.electrive.com/2018/08/01/bollore-to-scrap-half-their-autolib-fleet/
(05:04) “Body-in-White” – Faraday Future showcases its first production body for the FF-91 – https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1117978_faraday-future-reveals-first-production-ff91-body
(05:42) No Trucks  – Uber kicks its autonomous truck development – https://www.autoblog.com/2018/07/30/uber-to-stop-developing-self-driving-trucks/
(06:26) Order Books Open – Kona Electric goes on sale in UK, deliveries start in seven weeks or less – http://clicktobuy.hyundai.co.uk/
(07:28) Tesla Approval?  – Salvage Tesla customer in New Zealand aims to take Tesla to court over salvage inspection gone wrong – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/02/tesla-new-zealand-sued-claims-rebuilt-car-not-supported  (see Rich Rebuilds special at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuAMczraBIM)
(08:23) LAME excuses. SAD! – Trump administration tries to claim driving less efficient cars will save lives – https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1118023_trump-administration-releases-proposal-to-weaken-fuel-economy-emissions-standards, states vow to fight back. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/08/03/trump-fuel-economy-freeze-states-sue/
(09:32) Quiet Price Increase – Tesla puts up price for Model 3 Performance, Dual Motor, a month after lowering it – https://electrek.co/2018/08/02/tesla-model-3-price-increases-model-3-dual-motor-options/
(10:18) SmartCharge  – Honda launches SmartCharge program for Honda Fit EV owners in California – http://hondanews.com/releases/honda-smartcharge-beta-program-helps-electric-vehicle-drivers-save-money-and-reduce-environmental-footprint
(11:03) Solid state plans – Volkswagen CEO says VW is looking to produce its own solid state batteries from 2025 onwards. https://electrek.co/2018/08/02/vw-battery-cell-production-electric-vehicles-solid-state/
(11:52) Production Bound – Africa EV aCar goes planned for 2019 production. https://www.electrive.com/2018/07/29/africa-ev-acar-going-into-serial-production-2019/ (and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECRcHJShjBw)
(12:25) Cadmium Threat – VW says it may have to recall electric, plug-in hybrids because of cadmium in charging circuits.. But it’s not VW’s fault. https://phys.org/news/2018-07-volkswagen-recall-electric-cars.html
(13:02) Return of the Bubble Car – Microlino now on sale in Europe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_Apl_ozwrEFR2XrN_Ascg

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